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Our story

Ellalu company was founded in the 1980s, in Carpi, in the cradle of Italian knitwear by the two sisters Costantini, Graziella and Luigia.
Graziella already established as a professional stylist, with a special love for knitwear.

It all began when, in july of 1987, Luigia launched the idea of opening their own company and Graziella, although taken by astonishment, immediately accepted the challenge with great enthusiasm. It’s precisely from the fusion of the two names of the sisters, Graziella e Luigia, that comes the choice to call the company Ellalu.

Ellalu chooses to offer collections that reflect their passion for fashion, with a versatile, comfortable, refined and quality line, with an attention to detail.

From an almost completely Italian market, they decided to cross the national border to approach to a wider customers through the participation of fairs and with the collaboration of agencies.

In 2000 the company is ready to launch its own brand, MOU. A brand designed for customers with a youthful and dynamic spirit, and a romantic soul; characters that still distinguish corporate printing.

In the last few years the sisters’ two daughters, Marika and Syria, have come into company, following the family’s footsteps, bringing freshness and innovation by working with passion and dedication.


MOU collection is an Italian fashion brand for a contemporary woman, with a cosmopolitan and dynamic character, mixing casual and sophisticated looks.
MOU embodies a timeless romanticism that provides particular attention to detail and wearability.
The distinct style of the collection combines high quality yarns and comfortable fabrics with exclusive print, clean cuts and simple lines.

MOU is present in numerous multi-brand stores and boutiques throughout Italy, and is distributed in many European and Asian countries.

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Since 1987, a woman's clothing company, specialized in knitwear.

The brand is addressed to a woman who wants to enchance her femininity with elegance and simplicity without sacrificing comfort.


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